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An Introduction to Facebook Business Manager​

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Are you ready to step up your Facebook business page? You may have already experimented with Facebook ‘Boosts’ with mixed success. Now is the perfect time to take control, open more features and delve into Facebook Business Manager.

Why use Facebook Business Manager over Boosting?

Whilst ‘Boosting’ is quick and easy, it’s ad-hoc nature can make it messy. Boosting may give you some success but it is quite difficult to understand if it converts to increased sales, traffic or brand awareness.

Setting up Facebook Business Manager and running your paid Facebook posts through this platform allows you to see far more information. You can target specific audiences far more easily. You can create campaigns with specific goals in mind, grouping different kinds of adverts together and testing which ones work best for you.

One of the biggest benefits is the ability to create and use a Facebook Pixel. In a nutshell a pixel is a bit of code that allows you to track events happening on your website. It means you can understand which posts and advertisements work best for you and your business.

Tips for Optimising Facebook Business Manager

It’s easy to be overwhelmed by this fantastic tool. There are so many options it’s hard to know where to begin.

Tip 1: Have a goal in mind
Before you begin creating any advertisements write down what goals you want to achieve through Facebook Business Manager. Pick one of those goals and focus your first campaign on reaching that goal. Making sure you set up all the relevant tracking otherwise you will have no idea how successful your efforts have been.

Tip 2: Be organised.
Within each Facebook Campaign there are Ad Sets. Within these Ad Sets sit your Advertisements. When starting out don’t be afraid to experiment to understand what each of these levels’ controls. Once you have a firm grasp of this begin to organise your Campaigns according to your goals. Utilise the ability to tag your advertisements so you can easily manage and organise.

Tip 3: Test and Experiment.
Once you have your tracking set up don’t be afraid to test different audiences, content and optimisations to understand what works best for you. It’s better to spend a bit of money testing to understand what works best. Once you understand this you can begin investing more in advertising that you know works.

Find out more about Facebook Business Manager
Facebook has a treasure chest of fantastic information about Business Manager > CLICK HERE

Facebook also provides a lot of free accessible information about setting up and using Facebook business manager > CLICK HERE

LinkedIn has a fantastic course available, some sections are available for free and you can view them straight away > CLICK HERE

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