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Instagram Scheduling Tools – A Brief Overview

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If you’re committed to building a profile on social media then scheduling is absolutely vital. It allows you to plan your posts to coincide with your overall strategy, and removes the stress of having to fit in posting every day. Allowing you more time each day to focus on authentic engagement with your followers. In this blog post I’ll be focusing on Instagram scheduling using three different scheduling tools, Hootsuite, Later and Plann.

How your Instagram profile is set up will change the kind of scheduling you’re able to do. If you have a personal profile you will not be able to set up automated scheduling. Instead you will schedule your posts and your scheduling app of choice will send you a notification at your allotted time to send the post. You then copy and paste your pre-written post into Instagram and send it.

If you have a business profile set up then automated scheduling is exactly as it sounds, the scheduling tool does it all for you. It’s important to still keep an eye on it though. There have been occasions where I’ve been caught out and a post has failed to send – this usually happens when I have logged out of Instagram or done a routine password change and forgotten to link the tool and Instagram back up again.

“What’s the difference between these tools?”
Hootsuite and Later are very similar. Both offer automated posting, photo editing tools, hashtag counting, location tagging, text composing tools and much more. Their layouts are quite different though.

Later allows bulk photo uploads via the app or online. These photos can then be selected to schedule posts. Later is a far more ‘feed visual’ focused tool.

Hootsuite on the other hand allows you to upload photos individually and write the post with the photo as you go.

If you’re keen for your overall profile to look the best it can then Plann is worth considering. Currently only available as an app and much cheaper than the others. It allows you to upload in bulk and preview how posts will look together on your feed. Enabling you to move them around to pick the best layout. As far as I’m aware Plann is currently working on auto scheduling functions but it is not yet available. Meaning the copy and paste method is the only way to use this app.

“So which scheduling tool should I use?”
Which one you choose really depends on your workflow, what kind of profile you have, as well as your budget if you’re wanting to pay for the premium versions of these tools.

My suggestion to you would be to trial each one for a a couple of weeks, both via apps and desktop. Make the most of their free versions and see how you go.

Scheduling is one of the best ways you can effectively manage the day to day running of your Instagram account. There’s no reason not to use these free services to really optimise on this platform.

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