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A little bit of luxury every day.


Juliette is a luxury home and body brand, founded by Deborah in the beautiful region of Bylands, Victoria. Deborah is dedicated to making vegan, eco-conscious and sustainably sourced products that make people look and feel great.

Every product has been carefully formulated and handcrafted by Deborah, with each element being considered and ethically sourced. Based in a small studio, Deborah hand makes the whole Juliette range on site. Ingredients are of the highest quality and naturally derived.

This small-batch approach means Juliette is sustainable and personal. Juliette’s range is perfect for those looking for locally made, high quality and lovingly crafted products that give you a little bit of luxury every day.


Thank You so much! From our initial discussion, your friendly, approachable nature along with your expertise, prompt replies, and assistance has given me a wonderful new website. I would highly recommend Paris, being a new startup without a lot of tech experience, I have found her experience and knowledge invaluable. As I expand my business I will definitely be utilising Paris’s business again.

Deborah Papathanasiou

Owner / Founder

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