Posh Crumpets

Handmade Melbourne Crumpets


“Born out of a love of carbohydrates, butter and honey, Posh Crumpets has been a labour of love and excess kilos. Recipes were tweaked, methods trialled, rings tested and forearms burned to build the foundations of the final crumpets that grace our packages. 

We don’t take ourselves too seriously (and tend to say Posh Crumpets with a Prue & Trude inflection) but we do love these tasty little morsels and we are sure that you will too.

Our Crumpets are all made to order in a registered home kitchen – we are a small batch operation with a mission to let the world know life is too short for supermarket crumpets!”


After muddling my way through trying to create my own website, I engaged Paris to help me out and thank God I did! She took me and made it come to life. Her design eye and quick turnaround made her a joy to work with. The site was delivered on time and her communication was great the whole way through the process. After my site was finished she followed up quickly with any questions I’ve had. I absolutely recommend her services. 

Emma Jennings


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