The Butterfly Effect

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Transformational or Mindset Coaching helps you unlock with clarity the confidence to lead a truly authentic life built on your values. One that isn’t determined by external ideals or caught up in familial expectations from your past. Our programs are designed to help you live a life that you love by:

Improving confidence and inner self reliance

Gaining clarity on your values, boundaries and uniqueness

Living purposefully and not on auto-pilot

Having an empowered and meaningful relationship with yourself and others

Removing symptomatic blocks that hold you back from living your desired life – such as procrastination, fear of judgement, self sabotage, people-pleasing, perfectionism.


Andrea Davey

Owner / Founder

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Every business requires a different approach, no two businesses are the same. I try and do whatever I can to equip businesses to manage their own online presence. 

I am priced competitively and will provide you with a zero obligation quote for services before commencement. The first meeting lasts around 20 minutes and is absolutely free. Then a 50% deposit will be required before work will begin.

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